• Languages: C++, C, C#, Java, UNIX shells, PERL, SQL, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, HTML, XML
  • Libraries and Frameworks: STL, ACE, Boost, .Net, Stingray's Objective Toolkit and Objective Grid, MFC, WIN32, ATL, X/Motif, RW Tools.h++, RW DBTools.h++, RW Thread.h++
  • DBMS: Oracle 8/7/6/5/4, MS SQL Server 6.5, Sybase System 11, MS Access
  • Methodology: Extreme Programming (XP), Unified Development Process, Design Patterns, Oracle CASE*Method
  • Distributed Systems Development: CORBA (TAO, Iona Orbix and OrbixTalk, Inprise VisiBroker, MICO), TIB/Rendezvous, DCOM, Tuxedo, TCP/IP
  • FIX and FIX/FAST
  • Reliable Multicast


Trading faster than the competition has become a necessity. Aquilon Resources comes to help financial institutions to gain a competitive edge. Our success is based on intensive use of object-oriented techniques, design patterns and best of breed communication frameworks.
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