Trading Front Ends

We have experience designing and developing trading front ends per our customer specs. We pay close attention to integrity of communication with backend services, speed of trading operations, flexibility of GUI screens.

We have accumulated a library of pre-built components such as Order history, Charts, Market depth. Starting with pre-built components, we can customize them according to the customer requirements. It allows us to significantly shorten the development time. We can deliver a user friendly and completely customizable application in less time.

We have experience delivering the following Front End features:

  • real-time and historical charts
  • positions monitoring
  • real-time inside market and market depth views, market statistics and news
  • order entry forms
  • real-time pre-trade risk control
  • detailed order history views
  • integration with alg. Trading facility
  • transactions and positions reports
  • secure communication over public networks
  • Integration with TA libraries